Syn Society Update - 21 February 2020


Hey all,
The basis of this thread is to inform the community on the subject of upcoming and/or already established features on the server.

Current Status
Our latest update on the server was the custom Essentials plugin written for Syn Society. Our custom plugin was designed and coded with intent of creating an "eco system" throughout the server (/chat, /settings, ect.) In doing so, both players and staff now have an ease of access experience. In addition, our custom plugin also allows for staff members to easily moderate chat (viewing server messages from discord, Click to Punish, reports, ect).

Future Plan
Currently, we have a fairly large list of what needs to be done on the server. We have every intent on implementing these features throughout the next few months. All we ask is that you all stay patient with us as we work diligently on implementing these new features. However, feel free to continue suggesting new ideas in the suggestions sub-forum, I try my best to answer and consider all suggestions. Below is an incomplete list of what needs to be done on the server:

Continue to optimize and improve custom Essentials plugin.
Fix stair sitting (currently, only /sit works)
Continue to work on custom hub
Continue to improve WorldEdit performance and increase brush sizes (current Worldedit can be sometimes slow)
Start work on large classified project

That's all for now. To stay updated with progress, feel free to join our discord and checkout the #server-logs channel as there's usually something new in there at least once a day! Thanks for being patient and helpful throughout this wonderful journey that I've had the honor of participating in.