Official Syn Society Sleepover!

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Welcome To The Syn Inn!
After working non-stop with @Glyytch throughout the past multiple days to not only build a large hotel, but also plan this event, we are happy to announce the release of this stunning hotel and social filled event!

When Does The Syn Society Sleepover Start?
Friday, June 26th @ 8pm CST

When Does The Syn Society Sleepover End?
Saturday, June 27th @ 8pm CST

The Syn Society Sleepover Description!
The Syn Society Sleepover is an event which takes place over the course of 24 hours. This event is predominantly Voice Chat based, however is also highly Minecraft Based. The Syn Society Sleepover will be filled with fun events during this event, and when you get tired, you have a private room in which you have the option to sleep call in. Hint: S L E E P O V E R. This event is made for friends to be able to have fun and be able to have a sleepover during this really isolated time.

The Syn Inn will be a closed event in which one MUST be RSVP’d to attend. There will be a seperate discord server for anyone attending this event. You DO NOT have to have a mic in order to attend this event. You have the option to use Text Channels if you would rather not use a microphone.

This event will have different things in which you will be able to do throughout the night. Here is only a BRIEF list of some things to expect to be able to do during this event throughout the night:

- Voice Chats
- Movies
- Streaming
- Music
- Sleeping
- Gaming
- Karaoke
- Improv / Acting
- and MUCH more.

During the Syn Society Sleepover at The Syn Inn, the Idle Timeout will be removed, allowing members to stay online all night, even while you are sleeping.

This event takes place over the course of 24 hours in order to let ALL members of Syn Society to attend and participate and be able to have a sleepover. In case they do not get the full experience of the sleepover, and the first one goes well, there will be a second sleepover hosted a week after at a much different time to offer players who have opposite time zones to get the full experience of the sleepover as well.

What You Need To Know About The Syn Inn!
There are 6 public rooms and 14 private rooms in The Syn Inn Hotel. Each private room holds up to 4 members each. This means there are 56 spots which can be reserved for this event. If you reserve a spot but cannot make it to the event at the last minute, you MUST revoke your reservation by messaging Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 on discord. Reserving a space without any show may result in being denied from claiming reservations in future events.

YOU get to choose who YOU room with. That means if you room with people who scream into your mic and are all around being obnoxious when you or others are trying to sleep, that is on you. After your rooms have been reserved, you will NOT be able to change rooms. If you have a problem with one of your roommates breaking rules or being overly problematic (or won't stop intentionally being annoying during your sleeping.), ping the @employee role in the text channel of the room that you are having an issue in, and an employee will deal with the issue accordingly.

Just because there are rooms that are private does NOT mean that they are not monitored. We have a hand picked set of staff in which we can see ALL chats. Employees will NOT stalk your private rooms and read your chats UNLESS we have the right to believe you are breaking rules, nor will they ever join the private room voice chats unless absolutely necessary.

Only private room residents will be able to be in their own rooms. Members will NOT be moved or allowed access to a room that is not theirs regardless of room occupant request.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please DM Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 on discord so we can clarify.

How To Get A One Person Reservation At The Syn Inn!
To get a one person reservation at The Syn Inn for the Syn Society Sleepover, follow the steps listed below:
  1. Message Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 with your Minecraft Username, and state you are requesting a Syn Inn Single Reservation.
We will make sure that you are given a room with 3 others that you will get along well with. If you have an issue with anyone in your room, DM Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 and we will make sure to put you in a place where you will be comfortable.

How To Get A Group Reservation At The Syn Inn!
To get a reservation for you and 3 other friends at The Syn Inn for the Syn Society Sleepover, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Talk to your friends and decide who you would like to room with. Make sure you and ALL your friends can attend before proceeding.
  2. One person from the group should message Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 with your Minecraft Username, and state you are requesting a Syn Inn secret code. This will be the code that you give to your friends so they can join the same room as you. DO NOT share this code with anyone else besides the friends which you plan to room with. Only 4 people will be accepted into one room. If more than 4 people message us the same code, the room will be invalidated and all reservations for your room will be removed and you will have to do the process over again.
    • If you are using one of these codes from your friend, message Rebel#0480 or Glyytch#9490 with your Minecraft Username, and the secret code that your friend gave you.
You will be added to a group chat the day of the event to confirm reservations and RSVP. You will be given your room keys and the discord invite when the event begins. Groups will be brought into the discord one by one so we can keep track of who has arrived and who hasn’t. Please be patient, we eventually will get to your group.

We Hope To See You There! Cheers!
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Current Syn Inn Occupant List:
  1. Glyytch
  2. Rxbel
  3. tiredbritishboy *
  4. icylovmelon *
  5. JustSimplyCloud *
  6. HappierThanHappy *
  7. Katieskycat *
  8. NinkiNinjaj_ (G - 2)
  9. Shinigcmi (G - 2)
  10. fingerbxnes (G - 2)
  11. DamselDistressed (G - 2)
  12. raaatt (G - 3)
  13. tomatotot (G - 3)
  14. tctinos (G - 3)
  15. NitroBox (G - 3)
  16. Hopeatory (G - 4)
  17. Blue51 (G - 5)
  18. GlitchedGravity (G - 5)
  19. coronakate (G - 6)
  20. Andromcda (G - 6)
  21. Kateyln (G - 7)
  22. Orlaando (G - 7)
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