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Hey, all.
I am excited to announce the next thing big that is being brought to Syn Society! We will now be hosting weekly events in the community! Some events will take place in the server, other events will take place on the Discord! We invite and encourage everyone to participate where interested! The following thread will

Events will be explain in more detail below, and will be updated weekly. Events may be hosted anywhere from 1 - 3 times in a week, so check back often to see the newest events coming to Syn Society! Event participants will also be notified via the official Syn Society Discord server. You can register as an event participant in the #event-signup channel located in the top section of the discord server.

If you guys have event ideas, we would love to hear them! Please make sure that you shoot me a DM with details on discord @Rebel#0480.


The following are a list of upcoming events to be hosted on Syn Society's Discord and/or on the Minecraft Multiplayer Server:
Events will only be hosted in one of these two locations.

Event NameEvent SpecificsEvent Description
Wednesday, June 17th

2pm - 4pm
(PST. Convert to your time zone.)

Discord Server:
Singing Voice Chat
During Karaoke, players will queue up and take turns
singing! There is no judgement during Karaoke
events or singing VCs, meaning you can sing your
heart out and no one will judge you for it! Join us,
and show everyone your beautiful voice!
Event NameEvent SpecificsEvent Description
Build Battle!
Thrusday, June 18th

1pm - 2pm
(PST. Convert to your time zone.)

Minecraft Server:
/home BB
During Build Battle players will be given a small
plot of land to build something based on a palette
or theme in a set amount of time! A set of judges
will decide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Players can be
In a team or solo!
Event NameEvent SpecificsEvent Description
Friday, June 19th

3pm - 5pm
(PST. Convert to your time zone.)

Discord Server:
Voice Chat 1
During Mafia, a Narrator will prompt players in the rules
of Mafia before the game begins. Once the game begins,
a Mafia, Doctor, Detective, Fool, and Innocent will be
chosen. Each role has a specific job that is prompted
by the narrator throughout the game. Will you survive
the mafia attacks?
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