Change one letter every time


Here's how this works.
I will start with a word (example: Rock)
then the next person can either add one letter, exchange one letter for another letter, or remove one letter. You can change around the order of the letters as much as you wish. If you are stuck and cannot come up with a word you may start over with a new word but try not to do this, here's an example:
P1: Rock (starting word)
P2: Coke (exchanged a letter)
P3: Cokes (Added a letter)
P4: Socks (Exchanged a letter)
P5: Sock (Removed a letter)
Here are the rules,
1: You can not go back to the word said by the person 2 messages before you, example if i was P5 trying tosay a work i cant go back to cokes you need to come up with a new word.
2: All words must be found in a dictionary before playing it.
3: Words in foreign languages count too.
4: Dashes (-) Do not count as a letter.
5: Only start again if you are 100% sure you cant come up with anything
6: Have fun!

The starting word is: Science
(Ik i make it hard on u guys xD)