Official Syn Society Sleepover!

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Welcome To The Syn Inn!
After working non-stop with @Glyytch throughout the past multiple days to not only build a large hotel, but also plan this event, we are happy to announce the release of this stunning hotel and social filled event!

When Does The Syn Society Sleepover Start?
Friday, June 26th @ 8pm CST

When Does The Syn Society Sleepover End?
Saturday, June 27th @ 8pm CST

The Syn Society Sleepover Description!
The Syn...

Official Syn Society Build Battle - 05/29/2020 4PM ET

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Untitled design (12).png

Hello all! It's time for another build battle. @Berays and I are going to be hosting a build battle at the newly built /home BB. Please plan be there around 4pm ET Friday 05/29/2020.

Please read below for rules!


Images of BB:

There isn't an official prize. However, expect some sort of incentive for winning! :)

Finally, if you have any questions feel free to ask them below and I'll try my best to answer them.

- izzywizzy
- beflowering

Official Scheduled Events

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Hey, all.
I am excited to announce the next thing big that is being brought to Syn Society! We will now be hosting weekly events in the community! Some events will take place in the server, other events will take place on the Discord! We invite and encourage everyone to participate where interested! The following thread will

Events will be explain in more detail below, and will be updated weekly. Events may be hosted anywhere from 1 - 3 times in a week, so check back often to see the newest events coming to Syn Society! Event participants will also be notified via the official Syn Society Discord server. You can register as an event participant in the #event-signup channel located in the top section of the discord server.

If you guys have event ideas, we would love to hear them! Please make sure that you shoot me a DM with details on discord @Rebel#0480.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49...

Syn Society Update - 21 February 2020

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Hey all,
The basis of this thread is to inform the community on the subject of upcoming and/or already established features on the server.

Current Status
Our latest update on the server was the custom Essentials plugin written for Syn Society. Our custom plugin was designed and coded with intent of creating an "eco system" throughout the server (/chat, /settings, ect.) In doing so, both players and staff now have an ease of access experience. In addition, our custom plugin also allows for staff members to easily moderate chat (viewing server messages from discord, Click to Punish, reports, ect).

Future Plan
Currently, we have a fairly large list of what needs to be done on the server. We have every intent on implementing these features throughout the next few months. All we ask is that you all stay patient with us as we work diligently on implementing these new features. However, feel free to continue...

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