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Syn Society Update - 21 February 2020

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Hey all,
The basis of this thread is to inform the community on the subject of upcoming and/or already established features on the server.

Current Status
Our latest update on the server was the custom Essentials plugin written for Syn Society. Our custom plugin was designed and coded with intent of creating an "eco system" throughout the server (/chat, /settings, ect.) In doing so, both players and staff now have an ease of access experience. In addition, our custom plugin also allows for staff members to easily moderate chat (viewing server messages from discord, Click to Punish, reports, ect).

Future Plan
Currently, we have a fairly large list of what needs to be done on the server. We have every intent on implementing these features throughout the next few months. All we ask is that you all stay patient with us as we work diligently on implementing these new features. However, feel free to continue...

Syn Official Build Competition: The Grand Opening! (#1)

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Hey All,
It's the time you've all been waiting so patiently for! I'm proud to announce Syn Society's first official event! There will be upcoming events in the future, some similar to this and some a little bit different! Keep an eye out for more! Without further adieu, lets jump into things!

Rules and Regulations!
  1. All entries MUST follow Syn Society Rules.
  2. All entries MUST follow the theme listed below.
  3. All entries MUST be entered under this thread BY or BEFORE the date below.
  4. All entries MUST follow the criteria...

Welcome to Syn Society Forums!

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Thanks to @Orlaando, with assistance from @ImAReality, we are happy to announce the release of our new forums!

The Dev's have been working non stop on both Syn, and Forums to get things up and running smoothly for players. Please make sure to show them lots of respect and thank them for all their hard work!

There are a few things to keep in mind when using not only our forums, but the Minecraft Server as well. There may be bugs and glitches you will find here and there. If you find a bug, or something that you believe should not be happening, please make sure you tag @Orlaando, @ImAReality, and Myself. We will get to the bugs and glitches as soon as we can as they are brought to our attention. Any abuse of bugs and glitches may result in severe punishment. Please make sure you understand all Syn rules, and understand that breaking any of these rules on ANY platform will result in...

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